Build You


Buildyou improve your skills and realise your potential!

What is Buildyou?

Buildyou is an app for developing and certifying soft skills.

With an innovative and personalised approach, Buildyou will guide you through a unique learning path, guided by professional coaches and a community of builders like you.

How does it work?

How Buildyou works is very simple.
With Buildyou you can challenge yourself and demonstrate your aptitudes and soft skills to the world.

A professional coach will accompany you on your path and certify your soft skills for the world of work.

In addition, you can compare yourself and get support from the community of builders like you.


you can

Analysing the individual's competences and identifying soft skills to be acquired

Challenge yourself supported by a community and professional coaches

Guiding your employees on a path of individual growth

Certify for the world of work the soft skills acquired

Buildyou for companies

Buildyou is also a powerful tool in the hands of entrepreneurs and managers.
With Buildyou you can:

  • Identify your employees’ key soft skills and areas for improvement
  • Create customised development plans for each team member
  • Monitor progress through detailed reports
    Foster collaboration
  • Maximise the potential of each team member

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Buildyou is an app, a social, a community, your personal coach. Buildyou certifies your skills and helps you move from your present state to your desired state.